So I noticed that people aren’t sure if I am a guy or girl. I have heard people say that I am a guy since I am so downright. And others say I am a girl because I care too much. Well I think this is all amusing, so I am going to keep it a secret. Besides, it leaves things unbiased. Make your own assumptions, your own theories. Make sure to tell me, I would like to see how close you come…Don’t forget to get creative!Image

So I came home from school today and found this comment. I apologize for making you worry, but I tell it like it is. I did look at some depression books earlier today (funny how life works, huh?) and found out that I could qualify for at least a dozen of them. And so I thought about telling my parents, and then realized that they didn’t have money for the medication. Then I thought about talking to the councilors; but they don’t understand anymore than I do. They just research it and send you to a doctor. At least in the best cases. What I read kinda scared me, that so many people have it and the only cure told is medication. All I basically realized in the books is that depression is a weird way to tell us that the wires in our head are not right. So now I am broken. Nice way to end the day, don’t you think? Start depressed and end broken without a way out. 

But my day wasn’t all bad, I was shown that I have friends that are fake but others that are more like family. So what if happiness is a lie? And if hope disappears all together? I have depression and hate my life and think that everyone, secretly or not, hates me; however, I have the promise of Paradise in the future and at least some company to be equally miserable together. Some happy ending, right? Well, I’m just glad I don’t have to listen to Disney music.